Family Cosegregation Analysis - Background

This website ( implements various methods for cosegregation analysis. Each method analyzes a pedigree and gives a value that can be used to determine whether a variant is pathogenic or benign.

Scores generated by the Full Likelihood Bayes (FLB) (Thompson 2003) and Cosegregation Likelihood Ratio (CSLR) (Mohammadi 2009) methods can be used as Bayes factors, with scores > 1 indicating increased likelihood that a variant is pathogenic and < 1 indicating likelihood that a variant is benign. Likelihood ratios and bayes factors can both be used in qualitative Bayesian analysis of a variant. For more information please refer to the references below. Note that the FLB method on the website is built upon the LINKAGE or FASTLINK program, and the CSLR and meioses counting methods use the CoSeg R package. References for those software programs are also listed below.

For a comparison of these three methods see RaƱola JMO, Liu Q, Rosenthal EA, and Shirts BH. A comparison of cosegregation analysis methods for the clinical setting Fam Cancer. 2018 4;17(2):295-302. PMID:28695303 6. Briefly, the FLB and CLSR methods usually create similar output and are preferred over counting meiosis. In the implementation on this site, FLB is more robust to complex family structures, so is more likekly to be accurate.

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